Frequently Asked Questions

Can the DrainWig Commercial Bath be installed in any residential bathtub?

Yes, The commercial DrainWig is designed to fit into any standard residential or commercial bathtub drain.

Is the DrainWig Commercial Bath effective in Hair Salon Wash Sinks?

Yes, many salons have had amazing success using the DrainWig Commercial Bath in their hair wash sinks. Salon hair wash sinks are typically like the bathtub drain without a stopping mechanism. 

How many Commercial DrainWig's come per box?

There are 30 individually wrapped DrainWig's per box.

What material is the DrainWig made?

DrainWig consists of an HDPE plastic cap with a stainless steel chain and silicone whiskers. 

Can the DrainWig be reused?

Yes. If you have a strong stomach, use rubber or vinyl gloves to simply remove the hair off of the chain and dispose. Turn on your bathtub water and insert the DrainWig back into the bathtub drain. 

How do you know when to replace your DrainWig?

The DrainWig will typically last 2-4 months depending on use.  This can vary greatly depending on how much hair is going down the drain.  When the water begins to drain slowly or back up it is time to remove and replace the DrainWig. 

What if I forget to remove the DrainWig?

You will be shocked when you witness how big the hairball can get and still slide through the bathtub drain.  If you leave it in too long you may need to put on some rubber/vinyl gloves to help it along. Worst case scenario, you may need to remove your drain cover to remove the DrainWig chain. Look on the bright side you will be the proud owner of a very large hair ball! 

What if my DrainWig is not catching hair?

First, be patient! The DrainWig is designed to catch only the hair that causes a clog in the p-trap.  Second, it is very rare but occasionally a plumber will install a p-trap in a non-standard location under the drain and the DrainWig will not be long enough to catch the hair.   

Is 'DrainWig' a Registered Trademark? Yes

Does the DrainWig have a utility patent?

Yes, the DrainWig is currently protected US, China and other patents pending.

US Patent No.:                                     8,910,322 B2             Dec. 16, 2014

US Patent No.:                                     9,534,365 B2             Jan. 3, 2017 

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